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A sampling of items The Bakerie By ALTLiAE can provide:
Signature 5-bite Dessert French Macaron
Larger than your typical macaron, our Signature Dessert offer a burst of flavor, with a substantial 5-bites per macaron. Shown here: The Queen - Raspberry 
French Macaron Torte
5-inch macaron shells layered with Lemon Icing, Lemon Curd and Fresh Blueberries. Make s a wonderful centerpiece!
Hand-piped Celebration Macaron
3-color royal icing design. Custom designs and various flavors available.
Sculptural 3-D Macaron
Custom shapes, colors, designs and various flavors available.
Hand-piped Birth Announcement Mac
7-color hand-piped royal icing. Custom designs and various flavors available.
Hand-piped Initial Mac Set
4 -color hand-piped royal icing. Custom designs and various flavors available.
Mini-Macaron Party Tray
75 - 100 mini-french macarons on presentation-ready tray. Flavors shown here: Frosted Maple Candied Pecan, Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel. Opt for disposable hammered silver tray or a selection of vintage trays (requires deposit).
Signature French Macaron Dessert Tray
Signature 5-bite French Macaron. Flavors sown here: The Queen with Raspberres, Chococher, Unicorn. Opt for disposable hammered silver tray or a selection of vintage trays (requires deposit)
Indulgent Layer Cake
Shown here: Strawberry cake topped with Fresh Strawberriesm Mini-Macarons, Thripleberie Icing, candy accents, and edible glitter.
French Macaron Gift Box
Set of 9 macarons in white bakery box. Custom box sleeve can be designed with original artwork and personalized text. Flavor shown here: Triple Berry & Rum.
Special Edition Gift Boxes
Celebrate special days with pre-ordered themed French Macaron boxes that can be customized and personalized at no extra charge! Flavor shown here: Strawberry Wine Mini French Macarons, mini Chocolate cut-out cookies, Vanilla meringues and edible heart-shaped confetti (Valentine's Day 2020).
{ Flavor Inspirations }
A sampling of past creations
Caramel-infused Icing, topped with Candy Pearls
Caramel-infused icing, Topped with
Chocolate and Candied Ginger
Rum and Lemon infused icing, Dried Pineapple topping
Chocolate Icing, Cherry center, Graham
Cracker/Marshmallow/Chocolate Crunch Topping (Chococher)
Chocolate Icing, topped with White Chocolate and Cocoa Nibs Cocoa macaron 
Galaxy Macaron  filled with Cotton Candy Icing,  finished with Sprinkles
Ginger macaron, Caramel-infused Icing, topped with Candied Ginger
Lavender-infused icing with a Lemon Icing center, Topped with Candy Pearls
Lemon icing with painted brushstroke
Matcha Green Tea Icing between Cocoa Macaron shells, Topped with Cocoa
Rum/Lime/Mint Infused Icing
Cocoa Powder
(The Queen) White Chocolate Icing, Fresh Raspberries, Raspberry Center, Lemon Zest
(Thripleberie) Mixed Berry Icing (A blend of Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry and Strawberry) topped with Dried Berries and a hint of Lemon Zest
Cherry Icing with a hint of Shiraz Red Wine
Cotton Candy Icing  lled with Pop Rocks and topped with confetti sprinkles. Best eaten same day for maximum fizz!