{ A little about me }
I fell in love with food as a child by “helping” my grandmother make her special Mississippi measured-only-by-feel-and-sight pies, cakes and cornbread in her kitchen. And growing up tasting and hearing of the wondrously magical flavors of the Caribbean cooking my father made for our family made me fall even harder! After many years working as a professional artist, illustrator and journalist, I found that returning to the kitchen reignited that love!

Participating in the { Second Helpings Culinary Training Program } (graduate of class #72!) as well as the experiences gained in the { Ivy Tech Hospitality Program } and working with Chef Steven Oakley and crew at { Oakley's Bistro } have been vital in helping me develop in the kitchen. 

My current focus is on perfecting fresh, small batch french macarons through { The Bakerie By ALTLiAE }, and the production of select pastries and savory items that are available at {Cleo's Bodega and Cafe } through { Harriet T's Kitchen }, a passion project aimed to change the landscape of food deserts. These endeavors provide a creative outlet that engages all my skills and passions using quality and locally sourced ingredients. 

My hope is that this love – of artistry and design, taste and experiences, – is reflected in these culinary explorations. My sharing of these indulgent experiences that bring together the visual and with the favorful is ideally reflected in each  bite you take of every { The Bakerie By ALTLiAE } creation!

Photo by Jes Nijjer Photography / { IG @JesKeepSwimming } / { FB @NeverNotPhotoStudio }